The divorce process is broken. Thistoo has set out to fix it.


We are determined to simplify the process of getting a divorce so that you don't spend money unless you have to. Thistoo allows users to manage their own separation or divorce. 


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Divorce application

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Easily generate a 100% court guaranteed separation or divorce application.

Calculate your annual or monthly child and spousal support.

Compare your case to similar ones in order to predict yours.


Thistoo, Personalized Experience

Get Started Securely and Easily.

  • Thistoo protects your personal information. No exceptions.
  • Getting divorced with Thistoo is easy and simple. We walk you through the divorce process using our step-by-step guide.
Thistoo, Organize and Plan

Personalized Experience.

  • Create a personalized separation agreement
  • Compare your personal situation with others using our case comparison tool
  • Predict support amounts based on your profile
  • Personalized document checklists in order to arrange everything you need for a divorce
Thistoo, Secure and Easy

Organize and Plan Your Divorce.

  • Follow Thistoo’s step-by-step guide to plan your divorce
  • Determine the paperwork you need to assemble using our organization tools
  • Custom Smartlists generate personalized to-dos to help keep you on track.

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